UoN Celebrates CARTA for Staff Development Initiatives

The University of Nairobi has appreciated the efforts made by CARTA in helping both academic and administrative staff in their career development endevours.

Speaking during the opening ceremony of the third high level CARTA meeting, the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Isaac Mbeche opined that 21 faculty members of University of Nairobi have benefitted from the CARTA fellowship, three of whom have graduated. “University of Nairobi has also supported 28 CARTA fellows in the doctoral programs (as students), 8 who have graduated. As a result of interaction with CARTA, University of Nairobi, found great need in enhancing the supervision capacity within the institution,” he said.  Prof. Mbeche was represented by Prof. Madara Ogot, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Research  Innovation and Enterprise, RIE.

The Consortium for Advanced Research Training in Africa (CARTA) is an Africa-based, Africa-led initiative to rebuild and strengthen the capacity of African universities to locally produce well-trained and skilled researchers and scholars. The program addresses an important challenge facing the African academy, being,  the scarcity of a robust research and training infrastructure capable of offering the type of vibrant and sustained doctoral training necessary to attract, train and retain the continent's brightest minds.

CARTA consortium, established in 2008 aims at training a high level pool of highly trained researchers and professionals, the next generation of leaders.  CARTA was formed out of the realization that individual African universities lack the human and financial resources and infrastructural capacity to tackle the challenges of doctoral training on the continent. CARTA offers a well thought out approach to rebuild and to strengthen the capacity of African universities to produce world-class researchers, research leaders, and scholars.

Many University of Nairobi staff members have benefited from CARTA. “Approximately 60 other faculty and administrative staff have benefitted from the Faculty and Administrative Staff (FAS) workshops. Two senior faculty of the institution Prof. David Kariuki and Prof. Joshua Nyagol have benefitted from the CARTA Senior Faculty Visiting Fellowship at The University of Malawi and University of Witwatersrand respectively,” he said.

CARTA program consists of 9 African Universities, 4 African research centers and 7 Northern partners. CARTA partners include among others : Ford Foundation, British Council, Google.org, SIDA, KEMRI, MacAurthur Foundation, University of Gothenburg and Wellcome Trust.

The University will host 40 delegates attending the high level workshop, CARTA Board meeting and the mid-term review meeting of the CARTA program on 16th and 20th September, 2019.

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